Purchase of scrap EDP/IT/ITC

This offer is specifically aimed at companies or public authorities: We will quickly provide you with a non-binding offer taking into account all aspects such as logistics and data security. As a remarketing and recycling company, we also offer you the complete service from a single source. We can therefore offer competitive prices, especially for defective appliances, and do not have to obtain a quote from a third party first.

The security of your data is also our concern: If there are still data carriers in your old equipment, we offer you two procedures.

  • We can delete your data in a certified and tamper-proof manner. For this purpose, we use an erasure method of the US Department of Defense (standard DoD 5220.22-M), which has become an industry standard. If you choose this method, we can subsequently sell your data media and you profit from the sales proceeds!
  • The second method we offer is the physical destruction of the data media. In this process, the data media are shredded and thus irrevocably destroyed. No remarketing is carried out here, but as a recycling company we are still able to remunerate the material value of the data media.

Our service works in a few simple steps

Just tell us what kind of IT/EDP/ITC scrap you have and we will make an offer within the shortest possible time, without waiting for any middlemen. You will receive the best possible conditions based on our years of experience. Furthermore, we make sure that your old equipment is professionally deleted. We know that it is not done with a simple deletion of the data, because with special software even deleted data can still be reconstructed. The number of deletion attempts is also not decisive. We at ECO remarketing GmbH are aware that the right type of deletion according to the type of data carrier is crucial. We work according to international standards and offer you the highest possible security.

After deleting the data, we can sell your old equipment and hand over part of the sales proceeds to you. The other option is IT disposal, where we completely shred old equipment and reimburse you for the material costs. In doing so, we work according to the Green IT guidelines with which we make an important contribution to the professional and environmentally conscious disposal of EDP/IT/ITC devices.

Turn your second-hand IT items into money. We are your reliable and certified partner when it comes to the correct disposal and recycling of IT equipment. Simply send us a message or give us a call and we will send you an offer for your no longer used IT equipment within the shortest possible time. We look forward to hearing from you.