Remarketing of EDP/IT/ITC waste equipment

We use the term "IT remarketing" to describe the sale of a used device that has previously been optically and technically refurbished by our specialists. The used equipment is purchased by our buyers worldwide. We buy directly from companies that want to sell their old equipment due to hardware conversions. Other sources of supply are leasing returns from leasing companies, overproduction directly from the manufacturer or remaining stock.

Our remarketing products are therefore exclusively high-quality devices that were produced and sold for the business sector. By buying a used device, you are not only saving your money, but also the environment. Because no raw materials such as water, copper, gold or neodymium are used for the production of a new product. You still get a high-quality product that has been developed for daily use in professional working environments.

IT remarketing generally describes the reuse of used legacy IT equipment. Due to the high performance standard of EDP/IT/ITC legacy equipment, even older and used models are still functional and can handle everyday tasks.

The production of IT equipment consumes a total of 60% of the total energy consumption. The remaining 40% is accrued during the service life. This makes it clear why it is important to use IT equipment for the long term and not simply throw it away. With our IT remarketing service, our specialists refurbish, clean up and sell old equipment in accordance with current data protection guidelines. When deleting old data, for example on a hard drive, it is essential that the data is completely erased and overwritten and cannot be reconstructed using special software. It is not the number of deletion attempts that is decisive here, but rather the type of data carrier involved and where data can still be hidden.

We focus in particular on EDP/IT/ITC equipment from companies, banks, insurance companies, etc., as these have a high performance standard and are optimally suited for IT remarketing. By reusing old IT equipment, we make a significant contribution to avoiding waste and conserve primary resources. This is why IT remarketing is also part of Green IT, which is completely concerned with the energy-efficient use of high-tech devices and systems.

What is Green IT?

Green IT is the resource-saving use of equipment in the field of information and communication technology throughout the entire lifecycle. This means that it starts with resource-saving production and ends with environmentally friendly disposal or recycling. IT remarketing is a way to save valuable resources that would be used in production and to restore existing products and return them to the market.

Key goals of Green IT:

  • Reduction of energy consumption in the production and use of IT equipment, with a saving of 31,500 megawatts, which would correspond to the consumption of 15,750 two-person households.
  • Minimizing pollutants that are produced during manufacturing. According to the Federal Ministry for the Environment, IT operations produce as many pollutants as air travels. Furthermore, a laptop requires approximately 1500 litres of water and 1.9 tonnes of raw materials.