Disposal & recycling of EDP/IT/ITC waste equipment

As a certified waste management company, one of our core competencies is IT disposal and the recycling of old, no longer functional IT devices and components. For us, the environmentally friendly disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment has always started as a first step with avoiding waste. We therefore much welcomed the amendment of the ElektroG by the legislator in 2013.

We implement waste avoidance on a daily basis through various processes and benefit here from our many years of experience. In addition, we are part of a strong, globally active community of waste management companies.

Specialised in the professional disposal of EDP/IT/ and computer scrap.

We place a high priority on the clean, environmentally friendly disposal of old equipment and a high level of data protection for used data media. Eco remarketing GmbH pays attention to the guidelines of the Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI) when destroying data media and uses specially developed processes such as VSITS.

The mechanical destruction of older EDP and IT equipment also falls within our area of expertise. Our service is free of charge for you. We collect your old equipment such as computers, PCs, servers, mobile phones, smartphones, DECT phones, cables, hardware, televisions and much more. You are also welcome to send them to us. An exception in the recycling of electronic items are tube televisions. These must be scrapped completely, as they can no longer be recycled.

We are your suitable contact for environmentally friendly, fast IT disposal and recycling. We are on the road and available for you throughout Germany. Thanks to our service, you can buy new electrical goods without worrying and pass on your old equipment to us for suitable disposal.

Why IT disposal and recycling is so important?

Nowadays, electronic items have reached a certain standard. Even older devices are perfectly adequate for everyday private and business use. Nevertheless, people keep buying new IT equipment. In some companies, there are even internal guidelines on how many years equipment has to be replaced. This results in a large number of old devices that are actually still perfectly functional.

If you consider that a total of 60 % of the total energy consumption of an IT device is in production and logistics, and only 40 % energy costs are consumed within its useful life, you understand how important it is to also use these devices in the long term and to process them in an environmentally friendly way. This is a direct contribution to environmental protection. The following values illustrate the importance of environmentally conscious action with e-waste and older electrical items.

  • More than 40 million tonnes of e-waste are generated worldwide (much of which is still functional or can be recycled).
  • Over 37% of e-waste is small appliances such as smartphones
  • In Germany, is produced more than 20 kg of IT scrap per person
  • Only 20 % of IT/EDP/ITC waste is properly collected and disposed of or recycled.

Our service is not just a convenient way for you to properly dispose of your old equipment. Through our environmentally friendly processes, you make a direct contribution to a greener future. We are a certified partner for private and business disposal and recycling of EDP/IT/ITC waste equipment.